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Lazter ("lazter.com") currently is just the (For Fun Only) web publishing services as many similar service out there but in specific content which is "something technically useful". You are free to use in term of understand to our short guideline Acceptable Use Policy. The personal information we collect is stored and/or processed in Singapore, United States, and Indonesia, or where we or our partners, affiliates, and third-party providers maintain facilities. You can refer it to our Privacy Policy.

Currently, Lazter is under maintain by small private team/group, led by a.k.a Erik Sarjono and open up (welcoming) limited joint venture to spend more operational infrastructure and running a company based business. Lazter established since published as Beta Semantic Version (v0.2.x) on Q3 2021 and updated tobe Updated version.

For any questions or concerns regarding your experience issue with our services, you may contact us using the following details:

Lazter Services Support

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